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 PPE HOME   OPEN POETRY WORKSHOP EACH MONTH: All are welcome! The workshop WILL meet on September 4, Labor Day.

Poets of any level of experience are encouraged to come and respond to each other's poetry.  Bring multiple copies (about 16) of your poem. Meets first Monday of each month from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at
Brentwood Public Library
3501 Brownsville Road
Brentwood, PA
We request a donation of $2 for the library. Questions? Call 412-481-POEM for further information. For directions, 412-882-5694. The library is on the route of the Carrick bus, 51C.


Michael Wurster leads a participatory discussion of a well-known poet chosen by a participant. 7:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Free.
We meet in a private room at the back of the Coffee Tree, 5524 Walnut Street, in Shadyside, 412-621-6880.
Note: each participant will be responsible for getting the book for himself or herself.

Readings for future sessions:

  • August 23: Yannis Ritsos. Selected Poems 1938-1988, edited by Kimom Friar and Kostas Myrsiades (BOA Editions).
  • September 27: Guillaume Apollinaire. Zone: Selected Poems, translated by Ron Padgett (New York Review Books).
  • October 23: Wislawa Szymborska, Mop: Collected and Last Poems, (Mariner Books).
  • November 22: Judith Vollmer, The Apollonia Poems, (University of Wisconsin).
  • December 27: C.D. Wright, Steal Away: Selected and New Poems, (Copper Canyon).

For further information about Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange, phone 412-481-POEM, contact us via email, or send regular mail to:
Michael Wurster
Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange
P.O. Box 4279
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Note: Michael Wurster does not use email; please use the phone number or postal address if your inquiry is specifically for him.

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